Group Series

Instructor: Angela Lassiter, CCLS

Structure: This infant massage series is taught over the course of 5 consecutive classes. Each class is roughly one hour in length including set up and wrap up. Each class focuses on a different area of your baby's body. Additionally, the series is cumulative meaning class two will begin with the strokes learned in class one with the new strokes being added after and so on. The final class will be a full body massage sequence beginning with strokes learned in classes one through four, adding on the final (fifth) sequence at the end. This is a group series because multiple mothers and babies may participate in each class.

Included: Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil, water and light snacks, infant-sized doll for partner's to learn strokes along with mother and baby

*Please feel free to bring your own oil if there is something you currently use at home!*

What You Need to Bring: Please bring something your baby is comfortable laying on (i.e. dock-a-tot, changing mat, blankets) a cushion or pillow for you to sit on, and anything that would make you and your baby comfortable during the session!

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